Caprice Acres Legacy’s Brazen

Brazen, June 2022 1yo 1st fr
Brazen, June 2022 1yo 1st fr
Brazen, Apr 2022, approx 1 mon fresh
Brazen, Apr 2022. Approx 1 mon fr

Barn name: Brazen
Reg#: PA2166807
DOB: 3/14/21
Book: Purebred French Alpine
Color: Two tone chamoisee
Casein: B/F
** DNA on file **  parentage verified

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2022 – 01-06  ++G+ 80


Yr      Age    DIM   #M      %F    #F    %P    #P    Peak#


2022 – kidded buck/doe twins 3/12/22 sired by CH La Sierra Wahoo. Retained both – Panda and Bodacious. 

Breeding plans:


2021 – Little Brazen made the trip up with the rest of the herd 4/22/21. Sometime during transport or immediately after she managed to break her foot on her right rear! She has been splinted and we are sure she will recover, but unsure how straight the foot will be. Time will tell, and she is doing great otherwise. 🙂

Brazen’s dam left (Irish Red) and maternal granddam right (Elise).

Dam: Caprice Acres Irish Red (Click to go to her page!)

SGCH Roeburn’s BR Rose of Sharon 6*M
05-03 EEEE 92
Legacy’s Dam

Sire: GCH Roeburn’s Legacy +*B *ELITE* (Click to go to his page!)