Caprice Acres PGM Fancy

5/31/20 – 3 months old

Barn name: Fancy
Reg#: AA2073758
DOB: 2/24/20
Book: American
Color: Tricolor sundgau; cream legs and face marks, white star and tail triangle
Casein: E/01
** DNA ON FILE ** (Parentage verified)

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

will be appraised for the first time in 2021


Yr      Age   DIM   #M      %F   #F   %P   #P    Peak#

Test 1 – 5/3/21 – 8.6#M, 4.0%F 2.6%P (1 week after move to new farm)


Kidded 4/10/21 with twin bucks, wethered and sold.

Breeding plans:

Pending 2021/2022!


I really love this doe, but she freshened with a lopsided udder. At her production and how beautiful the udder is still attached I’ll still end up keeping her to see if she balances out in the future. It is a great improvement over her dam, high and well attached while maintaining her dam’s buttery soft texture. She milks out extremely well. She does have a tiny foreudder pocket which I am also hoping smooths out with future freshenings. If only this udder was balanced…! In good news it does not appear to be a twisted udder or secondary to any mastitis.