Caprice Acres Phrisbee Phantasmic


Barn Name:  Pending
Reg#: Pending
Breed: American
Color:  Two tone chamoise
Casein: pending
** Pending DNA ** 

Planned ADGA Genetics Pedigree (PENDING)

Linear Appraisal History

One of my most anticipated breedings for 2021 of course ended up in a buck kid! Boy is he nice though. I do not need another american buck. Either he or Huzzah has to go! Because Huzzah is already collected, I will probably try to place him in a new home. That way I can have Phantasmic collected fall 2021 and use him for live cover if needed. Otherwise, if someone came along with capabilities of having him collected in fall and could get semen back out of him, I’d also happily part with Phantasmic. I really don’t need these American bucks around! 😛