Caprice Acres ASD Absinthe


March 2023, FF
Abby, May 2024.

Barn name: Abby
Reg#: AA2212100
DOB: 1/23/22
Book: American
Color: Chamoisee with cream and black trim
Casein: F/01
** DNA on file, Parentage verified  **

LINK: ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2023  GGGV 84 @1yo


Yr      Age    DIM    #M      %F    #F    %P    #P    Peak#
’23.    1-01     286    2207     2.8    61    2.5     56       10.1
’24    2-01                                                                                         Almost 3.5 wk early abortion


Kidded 3/15/2023 with B/D twins
Aborted 2/18/2024 with B/D twins – disease testing on fetuses and serum indicates likely spontaneous (no infectious cause indicated or suspected). About 3.5 wk early (was due 3/12). Currently coming into milk quite well – as of 3/1 she is making about 8#/day.

2023/2024 Breeding plans:

Aborted 2/18/24 w/ b/d twins.

A plain jane chamoisee – my favorite!  While flash has been fun the last few years (broken patterns and fun colors are relatively new to me), color itself is meaningless. What’s flashy about Abby is her depth of pedigree – consistently high LA scores, high production, famous names, top ten, national show performers… While my lack of a fancy posed picture doesn’t do her justice, I’m confident she’s one to watch.

Dam: SG Caprice Acres Glitterati 2*M EX91. “Syd” is one of my foundation does and one of my first AI successes herself. Her sire, SGCH Cherry Glen Password Gentry ++*B was EX90, sired 2 different National Champion daughters (in 2 breeds – alpine and experimental – and the experimental won multiple years). She has settled AI routinely, is a steady producer and you can’t hardly tell that she is a 9 year old 8th lactation doe as she just keeps cruisin’. I honestly think this year she looks as good as ever.

Sire: SG Antiquity SOS Drambuie +*B *ELITE* 01–3 VEV 88. A son of the infamous Sasin and out of an EX90 dam who has multiple lactations 3000-4000lbs, including one top ten. His daughters average 3227#M 120#F 95#P.

Like her maternal half sister SG Caprice Acres CGRH Panache 3*M from years ago, she is a bit squirrely in personality as a kid. Funny how some of Syd’s kids start this way but they are all still easy to catch and never any issues as FF and become as friendly as any – but good luck trying to reach for her as she thinks you’re attempting to eat her! Then the next second she’s in your pocket looking for treats – as long as it’s on her terms, she’s quite friendly. Weird things. This girl is long and level, and I’m very excited about her paternal pedigree complementing her maternal side.

Dam and daughter
Glitterati on left, Absinthe on right
Abby, Nov 2022 (10.5mon)
Abby, mid April (3.5m)