Alpine Bucks

Because frenchies are the focus here, we tend to keep predominantly French alpine live-cover sires.   While our most exciting breedings are often our AI breedings, our live-cover sires have lots of merit as well! We also try to keep our bucks casein tested, please see table below for current whole herd results.  🙂

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Current bucks: 

Pleasant-Grove RR MathiasFRENCH ALPINEPictured as a 3yo, Sept 2021
**ELITE SIRE **  DNA On File, Casein A/E Semen Available
03-08 VEV 88
Caprice Acres Outback Brisbane FRENCH ALPINE Pictured at ~1.5yo, 9/21
POLLEDDNA On File, Casein B/01Semen Available
Caprice Acres SSO Vladimir French Alpine – Pictured almost 4 mon (May 2022)
DNA/Casein pending
Caprice Acres Wahoo Bodacious French Alpine – Pictured ~1 mon


Reference Animals

Purebred AI sires

American AI sires


Alpha Casein test results

SG Caprice Acres Glitterati 2*ME/O1low casein production
SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*MB/FHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Irish RedB/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Wahoo FlairF/01Low casein production. Implies AA sire Wahoo carries F
Pleasant-Grove RR MathiasA/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Outback BrisbaneB/01High casein carrier
Implies sire, Outback, carries O1
Caprice Acres PGM PsycheB/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres PGM FancyE/01Low casein carrier
Sunrising CZ WylderE/FLow casein carrier
Caprice Acres Legacy BrazenB/Fhigh casein carrier
QMF IV's Tender MomentB/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres SSO VaedaDam: B/E
Sire: ?
Caprice Acres ASD AbsintheDam: E/01
Sire: ?
Caprice Acres CAJ EuropaDam: E/01
Sire: B/F
Caprice Acres Wahoo PandaDam: B/F
Sire: A/? (known by offspring test)
Caprice Acres Alakai CalderaDam: B/E
Sire: B/F
A, B - high casein variants
E, F - low casein variants
O1 - null casein variant (no casein production)