A.I. Sires – PB Alpine

SGCH Aslan’s-Own Diamond’s Alex +*B – 06-03 VEE 90

SGCH Bayview James Dean ++*B – 05-02 +EE 86

SGCH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B  ** ELITE SIRE **

Bearly Sunsquirt Yosemite *B

Brankton Revive Kenny  – 04-06 91 EEE

Caprice Acres Disco Volante *B – 02-03 +V+ 84

Caprice Acres Outback Brisbane(POLLED)

Caprice Acres PGM Dark Roast – 01-06 VV+ 86

Chateau Briant’s Rom Kipling *B – 03-04 +VV 86 (POLLED)

SG Evermore Outback ++*B (POLLED)

Giesler’s Sharp Dressed Man +B – 05-03 VEE 89

Kickapoo-Valley Sixpack

CH La Sierra Wahoo *B (POLLED)

Nodaway NSL Aja *B (Owned by Quarter-Mile Farm)

Pleasant-Grove RR Mathias ** ELITE SIRE **  03-08 VEV 88

Pleasant-Grove Super Standout

GCH Raymar’s Intimidator ++*B

Redwood Hills Profet Jeremiah

Regel Katan Farm Real Iceman *B

GCH Roeburn’s Legacy +*B  ** ELITE SIRE **

Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *B – 02-04 VEE  87

CH Sunrising Riot Zuess – 03-04 VEE 89

Tempo Aquila Illustrator *B – 01-05 +VV 85

Willabelle-Acres WRJ Ronyx *B


A NOTE ON PICTURE LINKS: Unfortunately directly linking to photos on facebook means that URL’s time out and the link becomes a dead end. A shame, because I do not have permission to show photos directly on my website for many of the ancestors to my AI animals. Many of these photos are available for you to find on the Dairy Goat Pedigree Chat facebook page albums, which are mostly old Dairy Goat Journals.  If there is a dead link, the picture likely does exist but you’ll then have to find it yourself – easier said than done but can be quite fun to look back through the pictures! 🙂

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Frenchies are the focus here at Caprice Acres. As such, I love performing AI breedings to produce the next greatest generation here on the farm. AI has produced nearly all of our animals in our herd that stay for the longer term as usually they are the genetic leaps that we wish to take. Plus, it’s not hard to practice AI on the majority of the herd when it has been historically very small. 😉

You can find links to each bucks’ page in the drop down lists or here on this page. If I’m going to forget to update something, it will probably be this list – so be sure to check the drop down menu for any boys that might be missing if you’re interested in learning more about them. 🙂 These links take you to my website pages on each buck, where you will find links to ADGA Genetics pages as well as any information I’ve gleaned about each buck and my motivations in purchasing semen from said pedigrees.