Hoach’s SRS Alexander +*B (AM)

Daughters average FS: 87.1

Per the old Pearl Valley website, Alexander was known as an udder buck! When buying semen as part of a package deal, it’s nice to hear that upon doing some research. 🙂 Also hearsay but found on another breeders’ website said that Barnewolt’s Acapella produced 17#/day, unofficially. She has one single milk test as a yearling at 12 days fresh, unfortunately.

Pearl Valley had a lovely daughter, Pearl Valley HA Swanee, who appraised 01-03 VEVE 88. Click her name to go to her page on the old Pearl Valley website!

Dam: GCH Barnewolt’s Acapella 3*M – purportedly a heavy milking doe, I have sourced a photo of her and she has a very capacious, superbly attached mammary on a conformationally sound animal.

Sire: Sand-Dance HLS Rico Suave’ ++*B D/avg 2475#M. 1 SG daughter, 8 GCH offspring, 3 CH offspring.