Troublesome Stormy Spirit *B (AM – POLLED)

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Dam:  Troublesome Snowbonnet 3*M  was a top 10 doe. Her only lactation below 3,000lbs is her 11 month old first fresh lactation where she went 326DIM 3050lbs, 102lbs fat, no record of her protein.Her second lactation was an impressive 4280lbs and 157lbs fat! Still no record of protein for this lactation, I assume this is a DHI lab problem. She did 4250lbs in 302 days for her 4 year old lactation, but then made top ten on her 5 year old lactation with only 295 DIM and 4210lbs milk, 138lbs fat, and 126lbs protein.  Overall for all of her days on test including her more mature lactations, she produced 11.9lbs of milk per day on test. In other words, 2014 DIM producing 24,030lbs of milk. An impressive doe for sure.

DD: Troublesome Keshia 2*M 01-03 AVVV 84 – Surprisingly, no top ten lactations despite producing an AVERAGE of 13.4lbs per day on test! She has two 4,000+ lactations.

DS: SG Sodium Oaks Wampum ++*B (07-04 VV+ 87) is a half brother to the famous Sasin, as they share their sire, Royal Risk. To see Wampum’s full sister, please see GCH Sodium Oaks Royal Wren 4*M.

DDS: Evermore Outback ++*B

DSD: GCH Sodium Oaks Rufus Loon 3*M 05-03 EEEV 90 was an important doe in her day as well. She has longevity, with 8 lactations on test. Though they were not as high of numbers as I’ve seen, they are certainly respectable in the mid-2000lbs AND she still produced 20,240lbs of milk in her life through 8 lactations. To see pictures of her, Please CLICK HERE.  Also pictured is Peregrine, who you will note is not only Wampus’s maternal half sister, but ALSO his paternal granddam. A little good old fashioned line breeding there.

DSS: SGCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk ++*B 03-04 V+E 85 D/Avg 2873. Also the sire to Sasin.

Sire: SGCH Shahena’Ko Sumo Tierro ++*B 02-04 AAA 75 – (click for pics) another very famous and influential alpine buck known for being not so pretty himself, but producing some amazing daughters. In pictures that I’ve found of him, he is MUCH prettier than his appraisal score, however! Sumo had 13 SGCH offspring, 25 SG offspring, 2 GCH offspring, and 5 CH offspring. Daughters average 2657lbs milk, 94lbs fat, 78lbs prot. You will see Tierro at the top and bottom of Koshare’s pedigree. (see below)

SD: GCH Shahena’ko S Tierra 3*M  03-01 EEEE 91 Averaged 9.8lbs per day of lactation on test, high 2000lbs and mid 3000lb lactations National GCH in 1987 and 1985.

SDS: Sodium Oaks Sasin – he is featured on many pages on my website if you need more details.

SS: SG Shahena’ko W Sumo ++*B Dau avg 2626lbs milk, 100lb fat, 75lbs prot.  (click name for pic)

SSS: SGCH Shahena’Ko V Whiskey ++*B 01-01 V+V 85 D/ Avg 2777lbs milk.

SSD: SGCH Shahena’Ko S Kamikaze 4*M 08-03 E+EV 92. Nat’l CH 1988 and 1990, RGCH 1989. Averaged 12.2lbs per day of lactation on test. Very respectable production!

DDD: GCH Troublesome Magic Moment 4*M averaged 10.8lbs per day of lactation on test.

DDS: Evermore Outback ++*B is a polled sire who influenced many polled lines. More impressively, his daughters average 3064lbs. He also had 1 SG daughter, 1 GCH son, 3 GCH daughters, and 2 CH daughters.