SG Mamm-Key Grand Slam’s Swagger *B (AM)

VEV 87 @3yo

Swagger is a chamoise american alpine sire whose daughters average 2746#M. Please see pictures and more information about Swagger on the Mamm-Key Website.


Swagger’s dam is SGCH Mamm-Key Gypsy’s Shine 3*M 07-05 VEEE 90. She is a 2x breed leader with 3 of her 7 official lactations over 4000lbs, and none longer than 288 DIM.

Swagger’s dam’s dam is SGCH Mamm-Key Legacy’s Gypsy 2*M 5yo VEEE 90. She has multiple shortened lactations with very respectable production, as a 2yo she produced 3250#M.

Sire: Mamm-Key Blossom’s Grand Slam
3 SG offspring, D/avg 2942#M, 86.0 avg fs

SD: SGCH Mamm-key Story’s Blossom 6*M
VVEE 89 @3yo

SS: SGCH Mamm-Key Legacy Slammer ++B
D/avg 3067#M avg fs 84.8