Nodaway NSL Aja *B (PB)

Atlas – 2021 SON of AJA (owned by QMF)

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Aja is graced with a powerful pedigree. He is a littermate to Nodaway Moon Dragon and more than half-sibling to many notable animals. I say ‘more than’ half sibling because many of his notable siblings are Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer offspring, whereas Aja’s sire is a Sorcerer son.

Dam: SGCH Sudbury Hill SS Ariel 2*M 06-03 VEEE 90 Nat RCH 1988 (click name for picture!). Ariel was a potent dam, producing 5 SGCH offspring, 1 SG offspring, and 1 CH offspring out of a total of 12 registered offspring. She herself was a respectable producer, with all but her first lactation >3000lbs, most closer to 3500lbs.  She averaged 11lbs/day on test with 1,543 days on test.  Her Sorcerer daughters all produced >3000lbs and classify Excellent as well. (See another picture HERE). Ariel is mentioned in the Nodaway French Alpine history page on the Alpines International web page.

DD: GCH Sudbury Hill Flint Abba 1*M 05-04 +VVV 85

DS: Sunshine Stella’s Strike ++*B 08-04 VVE 86 D/avg 2550lb

DDD: CH Caledonia ROM Andrea

DDS: Diamond Flint ++*B D/avg 2157lbs

DSD:  GCH Diamond Sunshine Stella 3*M 05-05 VEEE 91 Reserve NatCH 1977, NatCH 1976

DSS: SG Sunshine Robelta’s Roscoe ++*B 03-04 VVV 88

S: Nodaway Sorcerer Lunacy *B 05-02 VEE 87 – A son of the potent Sorcerer.  Picture is an old UCN ad for Lunacy, pictured is a daughter. More dau pictures : HERE, HERE.

SS: SG Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer ++*B 06-02 EEE 90 D/avg 2471lbs. Picture is old UCN ad for Sorcerer, pictured is a daughter.

SD: Serendipity’s Daydream Fantasy 6*M04-01 VVVV 88

SSS: SG Redwood Hills Acclaim Mystic ++*B 02-02 VEV 90

SSD: GCH Nodaway Samatha’s Sabra 5*M 06-02 +VEE 88

SDS: GCH Redwood Hills Marvelous Profet ++*B D/avg 2798lbs

SDD: Serendipity’s Daydream 5*M

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