Caprice Acres Wahoo Jubilant *B (PB – POLLED)

Jubilant early 2023

2022 Broken, lightly marked and frosted two tone chamoise w/ wattles, POLLED

Casein A/B

D: SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*M
08-06 EVEE 90

DD: SG Grace-Hill Magnolia 1*M
VVEV 87 @3yo

DS: SG Sunshine Rehma Reprise ++*B
VEE 88 @2yo

S: CH La Sierra Wahoo *B
Has a 2020 top 10 daughter

SD: La Sierra Pixie 5*M
3 lactations >5000lb


Pictured in rut (and very sticky, yuck) and at buck collection. Not posed.