SGCH Bayview James Dean ++*B (PB)

05-02 +EE 86

D/Avg 2849 lbs milk, 100lbs fat 82lbs prot ( 3.5%F 2.9%P)


I selected this sire because I know his dam was a prepotent dam of her time, and both the Bayview and the Evermore lines which make up JD’s pedigree are known for their milk production. I am also suspicious that JD may have been a high Casein variant carrier.



Dam: GCH Bayview Prima’s Dixie 4*M 07-02 EEEV 90

DD: GCH Thunderhead SS Prima 3*M 04-04 VEEV 88

DS: Bayview Candy Man ++*B 01-04 A++ 81

DSS: GCH Evermore Graceful Dancer ++*B 03-04 EEE 91

DSD GCH Howcum’s Tamid M. Smith 3*M 05-02 AEAA 80

DDS: Sunshine Stella’s Strike ++*B 08-04 VVE 86

DDD: GCH Thunderhead I. Promise 2*M 03-05 +VV+ 85

Sire: GCH Evermore Contractor ++*B 05-00 A+A 80

SS: Chateau De Ville’s Verstraete ++*B D/avg 2477lbs

SD: Evermore Iron Maiden 3*M 04-03 AVVE 87 ; 5-00 305DIM 3010lbs 3.2%F

SSS: Chateau De Ville’s Vermeijen ++*B D/avg 2011lbs

SSD: GCHWa-Shaw-Me Snow Bird 1*M 04-03 VEEE 90; 1x National RGCH 2x National GCH

SDS: Raintree BF Sky Pilot ++*B D/avg 2185lbs

SDD: Evermore Maiden Vermont 2*M