Redwood Hills Profet Jeremiah +*B (PB)

Purchased as part of a group of semen.

D/avg 2421#M, 3.1%F, 2.9%P. D/avg FS 79.9.

1 SG offspring, 1 GCH offspring, 1 CH offspring

For a picture of a ’92 daughter, Please see the Silver Hill Alpines webpage, HERE. The doe is Silver Hill Jeremiah Cassia.

Dam: Redwood Hills Acclaim Samba 4*M
Avg 9#/day on test.

DD: Redwood Hils Profet Rhumba 3*M (sired by Marvelous Profet)
avg 8.1#/day on test

Sire: GCH Redwood Hills Marvelous Profet ++*B

D/avg 2798#M, Avg FS 84.5.

2 SGCH offspring, 4 SG offspring, 20 GCH offspring, 6 CH offspring. Profet was an influential herdsire at Redwood Hills and you’ll find him in many an Alpine pedigree. He sired the ’91 NCH, GCH Redwood Hills Profet Safari 5*M.  Jeremiah is 6.3% linebred on this buck.

SD: GCH Redwood Hills Sunshine Profecy 5*M 02-03 VEVV 90
2-11 305 3050 3.5 106 (no prot. avail)
5-10 305 3170 3.3 104 (no prot. avail)

SDD: GCH Redwood Hills Fortune Teller 4*M 06-05 VVEV 88
5-01 305 3290 3.2 106 (no prot. avail)