Brankton Revive Kenny (PB)

Brankton Revive Kenny

Photo Courtesy of Moore’s Pond Farm
Owned by David Brank

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Sired 8th place Jr Alpine kid, 2016 ADGA nationals – out of a class of around 40! I love the consistency of his appraisal scores in shoulder and front legs. His few daughters appraised have similar scores! I have seen some daughters and like what I see, and they have a high average FS of 87.6, very respectable. Though unofficial, what I’ve heard about production is quite acceptable as well. He is here for his front end and type, though he does bring some successful show animals into the mix as well, with lots of CH, GCH, and SGCH lines. Without much test data, he is most likely to be used to firm up front ends on otherwise high production animals to hopefully help preserve production as much as possible.

1 GCH daughter, 2 CH daughters.

Dam: CH Brankton Chico Kenzie 03-04 VEEE 90

DD: GCH Brankton Nikita Kendra 2*M  07-01 EEEE 92

DDD: GCH Angel-Prairie Valet Kibosh 1*M 05-03 VEVE 90

Sire: SG Sunshine Rehma Revive ++*B 02-04 – One SGCH offspring, 29 SG offspring.

SD: SGCH Sunshine Clare Rehma 3*M 05-02 EEEE 93  – Best Udder 1998 ADGA Nationals

SS: Nodaway Sorcerer Visionary ++*B  03-04 +VE 84 D/Avg 2448lbs milk, 86lbs fat, 70lbs prot.

SDD: SG Sunshine Advancer Rohma 2*M 05-03 VEVE 90

SSD: SGCH Sudbury Hill SS Ariel 2*M 06-03 VEEE 90 – National RCH 1988. A very influential doe who, of 12 registered offspring, produced 5 SGCH offspring, one SG offspring, and one CH offspring. You’d recognize many of these influential offspring in many of your Alpine peds, I’m sure. 😉

SSS: SG Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer ++*B 06-02 EEE 90 D/Avg 2471lbs milk, 91lbs fat, 73lbs prot.