Caprice Acres Wahoo Bodacious (POLLED)

Bodacious as Yearling

Barn name: Bodie
Reg#: PA2225772
DOB: 3/12/2022
Book: French Alpine
Color: Broken, frosted two tone chamoise
** DNA on file, dam verified ** 

LINK: ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2023 hopeful!

Debated keeping this guy, being a son of a FF. But, he’s polled, out of one of the most extreme paternal pedigrees by way of his sire, CH La Sierra Wahoo, and his FF dam has been doing awesome and looking great and she herself is sired by a high performing ELITE sire. I will also be freshening his littermate sister next year, Panda – which may or may not influence whether he sticks around or not depending on how she turns out.