Caprice Acres Wahoo Flair


Flair, April 2022

Barn name: Flair
Reg#: AA2072881
DOB: 1/31/20
Book: American
Color: Broken chamoisee
Casein: F/01
** DNA ON FILE ** (Dam verified)

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

will be appraised for the first time in 2021


Yr      Age   DIM   #M      %F   #F   %P   #P    Peak#

Test 1 – 3/29/21 – 5.8#M 3.5%F 2.9%P (At QMF)
Test 2 – 5/3/21 – 5.7#M, 3.3%F 2.7%P  (1 week after move to new farm)


3/4/2021 – 1D. Kidded with a single horned doeling. She is a flashy broken chamoisee with swiss marks just like her dam. 🙂 Sired by Caprice Acres Outback Brisbane. She will be available.
1/22/22 – 2B 2D – 1 doe kid for sale, 1 doe kid retained. 2 wethers available. Sired by SGCH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B *ELITE*.

Breeding plans:

AI: SGCH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B
BRED AI:  8/28/21
DUE: 1/25/22

5/31/20 – 5 mon old

5d fresh, single doe kid 2021. unclipped.
5d fresh, single doe kid 2021. Unclipped.