Caprice Acres Wee Willie Winkie

9/12/21 – approx 6 mon

Barn Name: Willie
Reg#: PA2198808
Breed: French Alpine
DOB: 3/15/21
Color:  Broken lavender cou clair; extensive roaning
Casein: A/E
** DNA on file ** dam verified

ADGA Genetics Pedigree (pending – planned pedigree)

Linear Appraisal History

will be appraised for the first time in 2022 as a yearling if still owned by myself.

He’s flashy. He has a cool pedigree. He is unfortunately NOT polled OR a doeling however… but darn it if his genetics aren’t just what I want. The flashy colors are icing on the cake. I need another buck like I need a hole in my head, BUT I also needed a teaser buck anyways so he got to say to do that job for fall 2021.

Psyche x Wahoo