Caprice Acres PGM Psyche

Early Sept 2021 – FF – She HATES posing/collars. This was as good as it gets, which is at least updated from her 4 month old baby picture I suppose… She has a very level back and rump when not asked to stand still for pictures. I just love her FF udder, very balanced. And productive!

Barn name:  Lil Smelly, Mel, or Melly
Reg#: A2073760
DOB: 2/22/20
Book: Purebred
Color: Chamoisee with brown/cream trim; white front legs; Wattles
Casein: B/E
** DNA ON FILE ** (Parentage verified)

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

Will be appraised 2021 as yearling FF


Yr     Age    DIM    #M      %F   #F     %P   #P    Peak#

Test 1 – 3/29/21 – 15 DIM 6.1#M 3.5%F 3.4%P (At QMF)
Test 2 – 5/3/21 – 49 DIM 8.7#M 3.5#F 2.7%P (1 week after move to new farm)


3/15/21 – 1 Buck, horned, sired by CH La Sierra Wahoo *B And boy is he flashy – broken lavender cou clair (chocolate dilute based) that is extremely frosty as well…  Which the sire is known for. He will be retained for now, pending how Psyche performs for her first lactation.

Breeding Plans

AI: Pleasant-Grove Super Standout *B
BRED AI:  8/28/21
DUE: 1/25/22

Maternal half sisters – Red on left, Psyche on right
Psyche Side udder, Jun 2021 (FF)
5/31/20 – excuse her milk goiter. 🙂

Dam, Elise, 5/24/18, ~2mon in milk. Click picture to go to her page!

Dam and daughter. Elise on Left, Psyche (FF) on Right