Troublesome Koshare *B (AM – POLLED)


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Broken dark chamoise

Koshare is an American Alpine sire who has a lot going for him. Of the times, he was from a herd with lots of top 10 animals and lots of milk.  His sire and dam are both Polled, but it appears he is still just a polled carrier as he has several non-polled registered offspring.

On paper, however, his type evals do not look immediately impressive for his daughters.  If you do some investigating into the quality of does he was bred to, he did improve his daughter over those does. The doe lines he was bred to that ended up creating his type evals, was clearly working on breeding up in quality on type, and it shows – but it means that his daughters did not have flashy LA scores.  If you follow their pedigree back in Subscription Reports you will see what I mean. Kudos to that herd for trying to improve!

Dam:  SGCH Troublesome Silouette 6*M  04-02 VEEE 90  (picture in link above!) who held a top ten lactation as a 2 year old at 3926lbs, 151lbs fat, 118lbs protein. She has two lactations over 3500lbs. Overall, she holds a 9.9lbs per day average for every day in milk she was on test.

DD:  GCH Troublesome Moment’s Request 05-03 VEVE 90, was 3x top ten doe and never had a lactation under 3,00lbs. In fact, the only one under 3500 lbs was her lactation that started at 11 months of age – and she still managed to produce 3180lbs. 😉 Her average daily production for every day on test including as an aged doe as 10.6lbs.

DS: SG Troublesome Jeopardy +*B – daughters averaged an impressive 2781lbs milk, 101lbs fat, 81lbs prot.

DSD: Troublesome Snowbonnet 3*M (Please see this link to Troublesome Stormy Spirit‘s page for her picture!)  was a top 10 doe. Her only lactation below 3,000lbs is her 11 month old first freshening lactation where she went 326DIM 3050lbs, 102lbs fat, no record of her protein.Her second lactation was an impressive 4280lbs and 157lbs fat! Still no record of protein for this lactation, I assume this is a DHI lab problem. She did 4250lbs in 302 days for her 4 year old lactation, but then made top ten on her 5 year old lactation with only 295 DIM and 4210lbs milk, 138lbs fat, and 126lbs protein.  Overall for all of her days on test including her more mature lactations, she produced 11.9lbs of milk per day on test. In other words, 2014 DIM producing 24,030lbs of milk. An impressive doe for sure.

DSS: SGCH Shahena’Ko Sumo Tierro ++*B 02-04 AAA 75 – (click for pics) another very famous and influential alpine buck known for being not so pretty himself, but producing some amazing daughters. In pictures that I’ve found of him, he is MUCH prettier than his appraisal score, however! Sumo had 13 SGCH offspring, 25 SG offspring, 2 GCH offspring, and 5 CH offspring. Daughters average 2657lbs milk, 94lbs fat, 78lbs prot. You will see Tierro at the top and bottom of Koshare’s pedigree. (see below)

DDD: GCH Troublesome Magic Moment 4*M averaged 10.8lbs every day of lactation on test.

DDS: Evermore Outback ++*B is a polled sire who influenced many polled lines. More impressively, his daughters average 3064lbs. He also had 1 SG daughter, 1 GCH son, 3 GCH daughters, and 2 CH daughters.

SIRE: Troublesome Quickdraw *B 00-11 +VE 85

SS: Troublesome Top Hat +*B

SD: SG Troublesome Cricket 6*M 03-01 +EVV 86, is a 2x top 10 doe. All of her lactations on test are over 3700lbs (with her completed 305d 2nd and 3rd lactations were at 4490lbs and 4140lbs respectively!) If you consider all of her lactations, she AVERAGED 13.2lbs of milk per day of lactation. Many does do not even PEAK at that level of production, let alone average it over multiple full lactations. Speaking of peak, that number is impressive on all of her lactations, but the most impressive is her 2nd lactation where she peaked at 24lbs at 73 DIM.

SDD: Troublesome’s Moments Reflection 5*M was a two time top ten doe, with no lactations under 3,000lbs. Her two year old lactation is quite impressive at 4480lbs. She averages 11.1lbs of milk per day of lactation, which many does do not PEAK at.

SSS: SGCH Sahena’Ko Sumo Tierro ++*B 02-04 AAA 75 – for pictures and info, see above.