Caprice Acres CAJ Europa

Europa, mid April (3.5m)


















Barn name:  Ropa
Reg#: AA2212101
DOB: 1/23/22
Book: American
Color: Dark Brown Cou Clair; Wattles
Casein: B/E 
** DNA on file, parentage verified ** 

LINK: ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2023 – appraisal hopeful! 


Intended to be on official test in 2023


Will be bred Fall 2022 for first freshening in 2023!

Breeding plans:

2022: pending

AI: Pending
Live: Pending

Dam: Caprice Acres PGM Fancy is sired by our ELITE herdsire, Mathias. Her dam was SG Panache, a doe I reluctantly sold due to the endless game of keeping numbers in check. Fancy’s maternal pedigree also includes a foundation doe, SG Glitterati EX91. Fancy has a GORGEOUS high rear udder and her structure is just awesome.

Sire: Chairein Astro Jet *B – Astro Jet is out of a doe of extreme quality and longevity. After acheiving the highest LA score possible as a FF (VG89), she has appraised EX93 once and EX92 a whopping 4 times. I heard through the grapevine that she was appraised in 2021 as an 11 year old and still appraised in the 90’s! Of course the scores aren’t posted yet thanks to the NG/appraisal snafu situation that is ADGA right now, but my source is reliable. 😉 If that was not enough, she has 10 lactations on official test. Her lowest official record is 3790#M, 150F, 126P, and her highest is 5290#M,201#F, 174#P! Three records over 5000lb milk. Simply astonishing.

Europa herself is ‘built different’. Born with two brothers who I reluctantly sold for meat (no space!), they were all consistently large kids, vigorous. The BONE to these is formidable. Could not have asked for better conformation – seriously may be the next game changer for my herd.