For Sale

2020 Animals for sale

Pending breeding season!


I will consider and respond to any inquiries about my bucks I have listed as AI sires. However, many of the purchased sires were purchased by me with big future plans and I am a bit of a hoarder. Many of the bucks I’ve selected are not ‘popular’ bucks but have traits or PRODUCTION that I find impressive, and I am willing to work with them.  I am currently not that inclined to sell any of my ‘hoard’. If I have a large amount of a sire, or if it would be used in a performance program herd, or purchasers are local and only want 1-2 straws, or could offer an interesting trade I may be more inclined to part with some.

Trades/incentives I may be interested in would be:

  • Direct Swap for semen or live service from an equally interesting buck
  • Access to live service or semen from a buck kid that results from the AI performed (dependent on dam quality and production)

I am more willing to part with bucks I’ve owned and had collected personally, as I have the largest quantities available on them, more than I ever plan on using. I STRONGLY prefer they go to herds on performance programs, however, as it will help me as well in that case.  All of them have DNA and their collections on file.  These boys include:

Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *B 02-04 VEE 87
40 straws in tank, would part with up to 20. Could be collected again in the future if need be.

Caprice Acres Disco Volante *B 02-03 +V+ 84, E in head
(Deceased) 30 straws in tank, would be willing to part with 10 (full cane)

Giesler’s Sharp Dressed Man 05-03 VEE 89
(Deceased) 30 straws in tank, would be willing to part with 10 (full cane)