Alpine Does

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As of August 2018, most of our does are also now Casein tested as well, and we have a nice variety of casein gene genetics we hope to maintain – including an 01/01 and several carriers of A and B alleles.  Please see table below for current whole herd results. 🙂

Our does:

SG Caprice Acres Glitterati 2*M – 2017
05-04 EEVE 91 (permanent score)
SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*M  – 2017 – Dry
03-06 VVEE 90
04-04 VEEV 89
Caprice Acres Danziger Tertia – dry 2019 (Dec)
2016 AI daughter of Elise x CH Tempo Aquila Danziger *B
Caprice Acres Irish Red – 2019
02-06 VVV+ 85
(2yo FF, appraised 24hr after lap AI, not great udder fill)
Caprice Acres Wahoo Flair
2020 Lap AI kid
Glitterati x SG Sodium Oaks SP Wahoo +*B
Caprice Acres PGM Psyche
Elise x Mathias 2020
Caprice Acres PGM Fancy
Mat x Panache
Caprice Acres Pale Ale
MJ x Weizenbock 2020


Casein test results

SG Caprice Acres Glitterati 2*ME/O1low casein production
SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*MB/FHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Danziger TertiaF/FLow casein producer - implies sire Danziger carries F
Caprice Acres Irish RedB/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Wahoo FlairF/01Low casein production. Implies sire Wahoo carries F
Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *BE/Flow casein variants only
Pleasant-Grove RR MathiasA/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres Wahoo HuzzahE/FLow casein variants only
Implies sire, Wahoo, carries F.
Caprice Acres Outback BrisbaneB/01High casein carrier
Implies sire, Outback, carries O1
Caprice Acres PGM PsycheB/EHigh casein carrier
Caprice Acres PGM Dark RoastE/FLow casein variants only
Caprice Acres PGM FancyE/01Low casein carrier
Caprice Acres Pale AleOnly low variants possible.
Dam, MJ: F/F
Sire, Weizenbock: E/F
Can only be E/F/F by parentage. will not be tested.
A, B - high casein variants
E, F - low casein variants
O1 - null casein variant (no casein production)