Breeding and Kid Availability

I love this graphic made by Cindy Eslava of MagMar farm. 😀  Used with permission.

Please read and understand terms of sale at bottom of this page!!

I strive for well bred animals for production first,  though I bring in a lot of successful show lines and high quality genetics using AI. I am an ADGA plus herd (DHIR, Linear appraisal),CAE/Johnes negative herd. CL free herd. All goats are disbudded and tattooed and will come fully registered and transferred into your name if they are breeding stock. 

Please see doe/buck/reference pages on my website for more pictures and information on relatives!


to YOUTH ADGA herds, or any herd participating in DHIR and/or LA!


I believe you will be hard pressed to find this quality of genetics, health, and value of purchase for these prices anywhere. Because I do not show, my prices are less than some of the bigger show herds but as my does are proving in DHIR and Linear Appraisal, they are just as high of quality.

All prices include registration!


DoeBuckPlanned PedigreeDuedateCasein$$ and Availability
SG Caprice Acres Glitterati 2*M
05-04 EEVE 91
06-06 VEVE 90
AI: SG Sodium Oaks SP Wahoo +*B 07-03 86 V+VGlitterati x WahooKidded 1/31/20Syd: E/01

Wahoo: Unknown
1D 1B

Doe: Caprice Acres Wahoo Flair -RETAINED

Buck: Caprice Acres Wahoo Huzzah *B - young sire development program, RETAINED for now

SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*M
03-06 VVEE 90
04-04 VEEV 89 (overmilked)
Live: Pleasant-Grove RR Mathias
01-08 +VV 84
Elise x MathiasKidded - 2/22/20Elise: B/F

Mathias: A/E
1B 1D

Doe: Caprice Acres PGM Psyche (retained)

Buck - Caprice Acres PGM Dark Roast - FOR SALE
SG Caprice Acres CGRH Panache 3*M
02-07 VVVV 87
03-09 VEV+ 86
Live: Pleasant-Grove RR Mathias
01-08 +VV 84
Panache x MathiasKidded 2/24/20Panache: 01/01

Mathias: A/E
1D 1B

Doe - Caprice Acres PGM Fancy (retained)

Buck - WETHERED, sold

Panache - SOLD
Caprice Acres Danziger Tertia Live: Good Ole Days Courage Israel Tertia x IsraelKidded 5/19/20
Tertia: F/F

Israel: unknown
1D 1B
Caprice Acres Irish Red
2017 Elise x Weizenbock
02-06 VVV+ 85 (FF)
AI: SG Evermore Outback ++*B (Polled)Red x OutbackKidded 2/1/20Red: B/E

Outback: Unknown
1 B

Caprice Acres Outback Brisbane (POLLED)
The Monarch JrLive: Sunrising Charmer Weizenbock *B
03-06 VVE 88
MJ x WeizenbockKidded 3/16/20MJ: F/F

Weizenbock: E/F
Caprice Acres Pale Ale
- Retained


2020 availability: