Breeding and Kid Availability

I love this graphic made by Cindy Eslava of MagMar farm. 😀  Used with permission.



(Caprice Acres Danziger Tertia – 65d pregnancy with kids sired by SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B. Taken 11/29/2020)


2023 Alpine Kids For Sale:

Please see the updated Google spreadsheet! Breeding plans may still change, so keep an eye on it for updates. AI’s were performed for 2023, but no pregnancies resulted. All breedings will be live cover for 2023 kids.

I strive for well bred animals for production first,  though I bring in a lot of successful show lines and high quality genetics using AI. I am an ADGA plus herd (DHIR, Linear appraisal), CAE/Johnes negative herd. CL free herd. All goats are disbudded and tattooed and will come fully registered and transferred into your name if they are breeding stock. 

Please see doe/buck/reference pages on my website for more pictures and information on relatives!


to YOUTH ADGA herds, or any herd participating in DHIR and/or LA! Will also do group discounts. Discounts only applies to full price animals – not those already discounted for any reason. (IE, market meat priced animals are already ‘bottom dollar’).

I believe you will be hard pressed to find this quality of genetics, health, and value of purchase for these prices anywhere. Because I do not show, my prices are less than some of the bigger show herds but as my does are proving in DHIR and Linear Appraisal, they are just as high of quality.

All prices include registration!