QMF IV’s Tender Moment (POLLED)

March 2023, 2 days fresh.
March 2023

Barn name: Kissie
Reg#: PA2167144
DOB: 4/2/21
Book: Purebred French Alpine
Color: Reg as cou blanc, but with age is clearly a broken cou clair or maybe even two-tone (see above pics!)
Casein: B/E
** DNA On File ** sire verified

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2022 – GV++ 81 01-05. Awesome score for a yearling, especially considering she has completely blown hocks which has completely altered her appearance. Can never say how different they’d look if “normal”, but she was most affected by a roached back and posty legs and steep rump – which were not there pre injury. Can only appraise as they appear and the scores are fair! Strongly commended for extreme open ribbing, flatness, and spacing.


Yr      Age    DIM    #M      %F    #F    %P    #P    Peak#
’22.    0-11     244    1810     4.5     82    3.5     63       9.3
’23     1-11      286    2829    4.6   130    3.4     95       14.7


2022 – Kidded buck/doe twins sired by Alakai 3/12/22. Retained Caprice Acres Alakai Caldera who I then lost in a freak accident in late April.

2023 – Triplets sired by Vladimir. Both does had teat defects and were sold as unregistered. Buck kid was sold as wether at a few days of age. Knew this was a risky breeding, these lines do not cross well with high risk of teat defects… got greedy and tried it anyway. Doe kids were gorgeous, if only the teats were normal…

2023/2024 Breeding plans:

LC: Addi-Hill Lono Soothsayer (Jr buck) – Confirmed pregnant, due mid-March 2024! Est 2 on u/s!

2022 – She had a severe injury to primarily her right rear hock, suspected rupture of a collateral ligament that has led to severe instability in that joint. Both hocks were affected to a degree. The end of her first pregnancy was extremely hard for her to be mobile, and I hesitated to put her through this again. It also completely altered her back/rear leg/rump assembly – going from reasonable conformation in rump and rear legs to a train wreck as she tries to compensate for massive instability in a major joint.  Was hoping she’d bounce back after kidding and while she’s more mobile due to the ‘weight loss’, she took a long time to be more normal in mobility. She has age on her side in this case. She had improved through the lactation in mobility and stability in her joints, so I have elected to try breeding her. However, I’m very pleased with her udder structure – globular, high, wide. Not to bad for older genetics! She’s cranking the fat. Just like Brazen, a couple of unfortunate events where the milking intervals were extreme (some 24hrs, some just quite extended) around >200 DIM, she decreased in production quite drastically at this point which you can see in her CDCB data. She still had a respectable lactation overall and I’m hoping to get a daughter to replace her with as she is such a cool doe but I am not sure how long we can keep her mobile if she continues to be bred/kid. She is slowed down a bit as she approaches kidding 2023, but is handling it suprisingly well compared to her first kidding event.

Dam: QMF IV’s Inquisition, spring 2021. Milking 11+lbs.

2023 – She carried triplets with very minimal trouble. She took her time walking to and from the milking stand, but jumped up after her characteristic hesitation. After kidding, she is pretty darn mobile after getting those three suckers outta her belly! She has had a phenomenal lactation so far and despite clear conformation effects of her back/HQ, her injury seems to be well healed. She is punky enough to guard the gate so she can come out first for milking every time, happy to run to the stand and still hops up. You can see her right leg is still more affected than her left, but the whole conformation of her HQ is off, and it does cause her back to roach severely – unlike animals in her pedigree. Kissie is being retained for the 2023/2024 breeding season in hopes of getting a normal daughter to retain. Her 2023 spring  born daughters both had teat defects, unfortunately – leaving me with no daughters to retain. I knew those lines didn’t cross well and could give me teat defects, and one daughter managed to hide a double orifice until she was about 85lbs. She was absolutely gorgeous so I’m very sad to be back to square one with Kissie’s lines. Fingers crossed for a sucessful 2023 AI to Alakai, which I’ve had before but also lost the doe kid in a freak accident.

Kissie, Apr 2022. Approx 1 mon fr
Kissie, 7/4/21
Kissie, June 2022. I hesitated to even photograph her for her catastrophic rear leg injury that affects her entire back/rump/rear assembly. But, she looks “ok” here. This is her ‘good’ side, you can see her far (right rear) leg is held very differently.