Chairein Astro Jet *B (AM) *ELITE*

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Chairein Astro Jet *B is an underutilized buck with an amazing pedigree for production and type. He is linebred on ELITE sire Nixon’s Wizard Yankee. Lots of top 10 AND high appraisal scores in his pedigree. See some highlights below:

Sire: Chairein Astronaut *B – 02-02 ++V 84. Daughters average 3941lbs milk, 155lbs fat, 129lbs protein. He has two SG daughters, and he has had 5 daughters appraise 7 times, with a very respectible average FS of 87.5.

SD: Nixon’s Yankee Bonus 2*M 05-00 VEEE 91 – with a top ten lactation as a 4 year old, her only lactation under 3000lbs was aher first freshening ast 2850# in 305d, so barely missing it. After that, the lowest was 3540 as a 2 year old in 277d! . Her 4th and 5th lactations were 4550lbs and 4130lbs respectively in 305d lactations. Overall she produced 19390# milk over a lifetime of 1506 days on official milk test, for a stellar average of 12.9lbs of milk per day on test!

SDS: SG Nixon’s Wizard Yankee ++B  05-04 EEE 93 – ELITE sire who was apparently very typy as well as productive! His daughters average 3915# milk, 153# fat, and 130lbs protein. He has had 9 daughters with 27 appraisals, with an average FS of 88.7.  He has one SGCH daughter (Hazel, dam of Astro Jet), and 4 SG daughters.

D: SGCH Chairein Yankee Hazel 4*M 05-02 EEEE 92. This doe can show, appraise, and MILK, with 4 top ten lactations in her life and high components. Her highest production was as a 4 year old at 5060lbs in 305d. Her lowest was as a 2 year old at 3790 in 305d. Overall she produced 26580lbs in 1794 days in milk in her lifetime, which gives an amazing average of 14.8lbs of milk per day on test. Truly astonishing.

DS: See SG Nixon’s Wizard Yankee ++B, above.

DD: Chairein Dan’s Hope 3*M 02-04 VVVE 88 Lifetome on test was 3900lbs in 432 days between two shortened lactations, giving an average of 9# of milk per day on test.

DDS: Sweet-Dreams Dan Patch +*B 04-02 +EE 86 – Daughters average 3613lbs of milk, which is very respectable. He has one SG daughter.