SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B (AM)

SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B – 03-01 89 VEE
Picture from historic Dairy Goat Journal publication, credit to owner/publication/breeder. I do not own this photo.
SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B – Yearling. Picture courtesy of Diane Luiz! Thanks!

D/avg 3420M 3.0%F 2.5%P

D/avg FS 85.8, all of which are 2yo appraisals (none mature).

3 SG daughters, 1 CH son

His own appraisal breakdown is 03-01 VEE 89, with a whopping 50 for stature, 41 in strength, 37 in dairiness, 47 in rump angle, 45 in rump width, and 25 in rear leg set.

I finally managed to get my hands on some frozen genetics from this buck! Not only is there very respectable production here, but also fancy old genetics in his pedigree.

Dam:  GCH Luiz’s Phrosty Britches 3*M – Picture courtesy of Diane Luiz! Thanks! 
02-03 VEEV 89
01-01 257DIM 2410lbs milk, 3.1% F

DD: Luiz’s Nazarene 2*M

  • 03-04 +EEA 84
  • with Averaged 9.2#M per day on test with an impressive overall 4.0% fat.

DDS: GCH Raymar’s Liability ++*B

  • D/avg 2062#M, 3.6%F, 1.6%P

DS: GCH Serendipity’s Gulliver +*B 

  • 03-02 +EE 86
  • D/avg2149#M, 3.0%F 2.3%P

DSS: SG Sunshine Robelta’s Roscoe ++*B

  • 03-04 VVV 88
  • D/avg 2060#M, 3.3%F, 2.9%P

S: SG Shahena’Ko Crown Royal ++*B

  • 01-04 +F+ 78
  • D/avg 3128#M, 3.5%F, 2.7%P
SO Royal Risk from the Sodium Oaks Herd brochure made publicly available on Dairy Goat Pedigree Chat. All credit to the Sodium Oaks herd for these photos/info!

SS: SGCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk ++*B

  • 03-04 V+E  85
  • D/avg 2873#M, 3.5%F, 2.5%P
  • Sire of the famous Sasin
SO Classics Port Salut From a historic Dairy Goat Journal page, made publicly available on Dairy Goat Pedigree Chat. All credit to the SO herd/photographer as this is not my image!

SSS: SG Sodium Oaks Classic Port Salut ++*B

  • 02-03 V+E 85
  • D/avg 2538#M, 3.5%F, 2.8%P

SD: GCH Shahena’ko Sasin Tokay 2*M

  • 03-02 EEEE 92
  • Natl GCH 1986, RCH 1985
  • 11.9#M/day avg over all days on official test

SDD: Totem’s Melissa 1*M (Grade)

  • 03-03 A+EV 84
  • 9.6#/day avg for days on official test
  • Also averaged a whopping 4.5%F!

SDS: Sodium Oaks Sasin

  • 04-01 A++ 80
  • D/avg 2938#M, 3.6%F, 2.8%P
  • THE most influential buck in the american alpine world. If you don’t know who he is, you must not have raised ’em. 😉
Luiz’s Personal Best – Picture courtesy of Diane Luiz! Thanks! 
Phrisbee daughter
1990 RGCH Jr doe