SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B (AM)

SGCH Luiz’s Phrosty Phrisbee +*B
Picture from historic Dairy Goat Journal publication, credit to owner/publication/breeder. I do not own this photo.

D/avg 3420M 3.0%F 2.5%P

D/avg FS 85.8, all of which are 2yo appraisals (none mature).

3 SG daughters, 1 CH son

His own appraisal breakdown is 03-01 VEE 89, with a whopping 50 for stature, 41 in strength, 37 in dairiness, 47 in rump angle, 45 in rump width, and 25 in rear leg set. Probably thankfully, his daughters do not follow in his footsteps with the extreme rump angle, managing a happy average of 29.4, which is probably much more appropriate for function. Some of those appraisal scores, done in the 90’s, seem extreme.

I finally managed to get my hands on some frozen genetics from this buck! Not only is there very respectable production here, but also fancy old genetics in his pedigree.

Dam:  GCH Luiz’s Phrosty Britches 3*M

  • 02-03 VEEV 89
  • 01-01 257DIM 2410lbs milk, 3.1% F

DD: Luiz’s Nazarene 2*M

  • 03-04 +EEA 84
  • with Averaged 9.2#M per day on test with an impressive overall 4.0% fat.

DDS: GCH Raymar’s Liability ++*B

  • D/avg 2062#M, 3.6%F, 1.6%P

DS: GCH Serendipity’s Gulliver +*B 

  • 03-02 +EE 86
  • D/avg2149#M, 3.0%F 2.3%P

DSS: SG Sunshine Robelta’s Roscoe ++*B

  • 03-04 VVV 88
  • D/avg 2060#M, 3.3%F, 2.9%P

S: SG Shahena’Ko Crown Royal ++*B

  • 01-04 +F+ 78
  • D/avg 3128#M, 3.5%F, 2.7%P
SO Royal Risk from the Sodium Oaks Herd brochure made publicly available on Dairy Goat Pedigree Chat. All credit to the Sodium Oaks herd for these photos/info!

SS: SGCH Sodium Oaks Royal Risk ++*B

  • 03-04 V+E  85
  • D/avg 2873#M, 3.5%F, 2.5%P
  • Sire of the famous Sasin
SO Classics Port Salut From a historic Dairy Goat Journal page, made publicly available on Dairy Goat Pedigree Chat. All credit to the SO herd/photographer as this is not my image!

SSS: SG Sodium Oaks Classic Port Salut ++*B

  • 02-03 V+E 85
  • D/avg 2538#M, 3.5%F, 2.8%P

SD: GCH Shahena’ko Sasin Tokay 2*M

  • 03-02 EEEE 92
  • Natl GCH 1986, RCH 1985
  • 11.9#M/day avg over all days on official test

SDD: Totem’s Melissa 1*M (Grade)

  • 03-03 A+EV 84
  • 9.6#/day avg for days on official test
  • Also averaged a whopping 4.5%F!

SDS: Sodium Oaks Sasin

  • 04-01 A++ 80
  • D/avg 2938#M, 3.6%F, 2.8%P
  • THE most influential buck in the american alpine world. If you don’t know who he is, you must not have raised ’em. 😉