ELITE SGCH Bearly Emperor Alakai +*B (PB)

Alakai, 2016

Alakai’s dam, SGCH Bearly Reprise Alexandria 3*M EX92

All credit and appreciation to Bearly Alpines/Ben Rupchis for the photos! PLEASE CLICK HERE for the Bearly website to find more information about Alex! See also, her daughters Alalakeiki and Avon.

Alexandria is a doe that none compare to in my opinion.. She is the only doe to appraise EX92 four times, AND have lactations over 4,000lbs THREE times.

Again top of the ELITE sire list @ 99th percentile. 2017 ELITE buck list

Also interesting – he has two ELITE daughters. One 99th percentile, one 95th. 2017 ELITE doe list

Royal Legacy – Alakai dau – 2yo 1 fr VVVV87