SGCH Aslan’s-Own Diamond’s Alex +*B (PB)

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See pictures of a Rancho-Snowfall owned daughter, SGCH Windsong Tandra’s Tara 2*M 05-03 VEEE 90

Alex has 8 SGCH offspring, 7 SG offspring, and one GCH offspring. He has 19 daughters appraised a total of 50 times, with an average score of 84.7. His daughter production is most impressive, with an average of 3048# milk, 109# fat, and 97# protein.

Alex is strongly linebred on his dam, Diamond.

Dam: SGCH Aslan’s Own C.C. Diamond 1*M 05-04 EVVE 90 – Diamond was only on test for a partial lactation at 8 years of age, and managed tdo average 6.4#/day on test. With her granddaughter production levels through her son Alex, it would have been interesting to see her production over more lactations. In the link above, she is described as being structurally sound into her older age which is very important.

DDS: SG Tenmile Rommel Knut +*B 06-04 EEE 91  D/avg 2697# milk, 95# fat, 77# prot

DSS: SG Redwood Hills Aclaim Pendragon ++*B 03-02 VVE 88 D/avg 2356# milk, 85# fat, 71# prot

DSD: CH Calico Moon Turquoise 01-05 VV+V 85

Sire: Aslan’s-Own Admiral Patch +*B 01-04 ++E 84

SS: SG Chapel Hill Admiral ++*B D/avg 2113# milk, 73# fat, 64# prot

SSS: SGCH Qu’Appelle Joi Acclaim ++*B D/avg 2452# milk, 91# fat, 72# prot

SSD: SGCH First Impression Ashley 3*M 07-03 VEEV 90. Avg 6.7# milk per day on official test.

SD: SGCH Aslan’s Own C.C. Diamond 1*M 05-04 EVVE 90 – see above information and link to her information! 🙂