Caprice Acres Pale Ale

5/21/20 – she is fairly certain that posing and collars are her imminent doom. 😉
Pale Ale 4/17/21
Pale Ale 4/17/21

Barn name: Mischief
Reg#: PA2076887
DOB: 3/16/20
Book: Purebred
Color: light two tone chamoisee
Casein: E/F/F only possible by parentage. (dam F/F, sire E/F)
– Will not be tested
** DNA on file **

LINK: ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History



Yr       Age    DIM    #M      %F   #F     %P   #P    Peak#

Test 1 – 3/29/21 – 6.3#M 5.2%F 4.2%P (At QMF)
Test 2 – 5/3/21 – 7.1#M, 4.3%F 2.7%P (1 week after move to new farm)


3/24/21 – 1B 1D. Both with severe parrot mouth and cleft palates, and were euthanized. Pale Ale has normal mouth/bite, as does the lines in my herd related to her. Suspect it came from the granddam, MJ, who had a mild parrot mouth –  but so odd that they both had cleft palate. Unfortunate, but such is farm life.

Breeding Plans

2021/2022 – pending

Pale Ale – very fresh, excuse cleanings still present