Bearly Allegory Ruston *B

Sold without papers due to human aggression. Likely secondary to stress of moving and not having any available pen mates during isolation, but in this case unfortunately his isolation pen couldn’t contain him and he was aggressive towards humans during pen repairs/catching him when escaped so we made the hard decision to send him to auction/likely slaughter. 🙁

Ruston, 6yo, day he was delivered, in isolation. Yes, he really is that pretty even with this natural stance. 🙂

Barn Name: Ruston
Reg#: AA1690465
Breed: American Alpine
DOB: 4/1/4/14
Color: Sundgau
Casein: pending
** DNA pending ** 
** not collected **

Ruston came to us gifted from Ben Rupchis and family.  He has come here as a 6yo in hopes we could put him to good use. Ben ‘warned’ us that this would be a buck to improve type and front ends – and look at this guy! We are loving this front end that he has as well as his siblings, and many of our Americans can benefit from improvement in that department so this older (6yo) gentleman may be quite the gift indeed! A big thanks to Ben for thinking of our small herd when he did.

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

will be appraised for the first time in 2021 as a 7yo, if all goes well.

Dam: GCH Bearly Savoy Mousehole 2*M
06-02 EX91 EEEE, E’s in back and rump.
Pictured as 4yo, 2nd place in class/1st udder
DD: Dixie-Does Texas-K Hope Chest 1*M 09-04 91 VEEE
DDD: Bayview NIP Julie’s Keepsake 01-02 80 AVA+
DDS:  Bayview H&D Texas Tornado *B
DS: One*Oak*Hill Glorius Savoy +B 02-05 85 VVA
DSD: SG One*Oak*Hill Sedric Silhlvana 05-05 92 EEEE
DSS: Topsy-Does GM Glorious ++*B D/avg 2536#M 94#F, 69#P
Sire: SG Cherry-Glen Tri Alice Allegory +*B  01-02 78 AV+
D/avg 3054#M, 103#F 86#P (3.4%F, 2.8%P)
9 SG offspring, 1 CH.
SD: SGCH Foxhaven Molhead Alice 1*M  07-01 92 EEEE
3-11 315 DIM 3150#M 3.3%F 3.1%P
2x National RCH (1996, 1994)
SDD: Foxhaven Micmar Molly
SDS: SG PM Thunderhead SHST Headliner ++*B 06-02 87 VEE
D/Avg 2699#M 87#F 74#P
SS: SGCH Tangleroot Royal Image ++*B 07-02 90 EEE
D/avg 2812 86#F 71#P
A very influential alpine buck. 5 SGCH offspring, 17 SG offspring, 1 GCH.
SSD: GCH Tangleroot Dark Nebula 4*M 04-02 85 VEE+
SSS: SG Shahena’ko Crown Royal ++*B **ELITE** 01-04 78 +F+
D/avg 3084#M  108#F 84#P
6 SGCH offspring, 12 SG offspring, 1 CH.

Littermate sisters:

SG Bearly Allegory Ruby 3*M, pictured as a 3yo
4-04 EX92 EEEE, E’s in head, shoulder, rear legs, back, rump.
Bearly Allegory Reserve 3*M 4-04 EX90 VVEE, E’s in shoulder assembly, back, rump.