Caprice Acres Wee Willie Winkie

9/12/21 – approx 6 mon

Barn Name: Willie
Reg#: PA2198808
Breed: French Alpine
DOB: 3/15/21
Color:  Broken lavender cou clair; extensive roaning
Casein: A/E
** DNA on file ** dam verified

ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Note – due to a glitch in the ADGA NG registration system in 2021, and also my apparent inability to count, ADGA accidentally accepted goat names with 31 characters when the limit is actually only 30. This means on ADGA NG and on his official registration certificate, his name is Willie. On ADGA Genetics, the name was truncated to Willi to conform to the 30 characters.

Linear Appraisal History 

Not appraised by myself prior to sale.

He’s flashy. He has a cool pedigree. He is unfortunately NOT polled OR a doeling however… but darn it if his genetics aren’t just what I want. The flashy colors are icing on the cake. I need another buck like I need a hole in my head, BUT I also needed a teaser buck anyways so he got to say to do that job for fall 2021.

Psyche x Wahoo