SG Caprice Acres Elise 2*M

9/1/2021, unclipped. Excuse my poor posing skills as well.

5/24/18, 4yo 4th fresh, ~2mon in milk.

Barn name: Ellie, Smelly
Reg#: PA1669791
DOB: 3/3/14
Book: Purebred
Color: Chamoisee with brown/cream trim; Wattles
Casein: B/F
** DNA ON FILE ** (Dam verified)

LINK: ADGA Genetics Pedigree

Linear Appraisal History

2014 YS: ++V, overall +
2016 – 02-03 VVEV 87 – E in rump
2017 – 03-06 VVEE 90 – E’s in head, rear legs, and back
2018 – 04-04 VEEV 89 – E in rump.
2019 – Dry, not appraised.
2020 – program not offered by ADGA due to Covid-19
2021 –  Michigan mostly skipped, no opportunities to appraise.
2022 – EVEE 90, E’s in front legs, back, and rump.
2023 – Dry/owner option

Appraiser said she desperately wanted to give her a higher score 2018 because she loved her overall, but did not have the ‘bloom’ to the udder this time of year (hot july appraisal). I still think it was because I accidentally overmilked her when relieving them in the AM, but we still know she is a phenomenal doe and look forward to her permanent score.  She was the appraiser’s favorite, and she’ll always be my favorite.


Yr     Age    DIM    #M      %F   #F     %P   #P    Peak#
’15     1-00    203     977             34               31      6.3     (see notes on this lactation below)
’16    2-00    277     2360    4     95     3.2    75      11.3
’17    3-00    254     2549    4    102    2.9    74      12.0
’18   4-00    243     2480    4    100     3      74      13.7
’20 – see notes, was a weird year
’21 –   7yo     249    2070    3.0    63     2.8    59      9.4. (See note)
’22 –  8yo     271     2300    4.2    97      3     69       10.2

2016 – I am very pleased with the potential of this young girl. Her first lactation had me worried, as she freshened with pretty much ZERO udder with no bagging up prior to kidding. I began to question my careful breeding plans and her genetics, which should cause her to produce. She slowly came into milk. I would have loved to see a stronger lactation on a FF as she hit only 6.3 lbs/day before we further impacted her lactation by going to 1x per day milking for the 2 weeks before her 3rd test – causing her to decrease by a pound. We bounced around to once a day and twice a day milking a couple times during that lactation as a FF, so the end numbers are just not great. Her subsequent lactations have had much better numbers. I’m hoping she continues to improve with age and I think if we ever got triplets out of her, we would see a very nice lactation.

Her sire, Reprise, is still living on the ELITE sire list, at the 97th percentile in winter 2017.

2019 – had some issues with growing pains moving my doe herd in with the QMF herd. See Glitterati’s page for more info.

2020 – weird year, believe Heather dried older does off early but we all had issues with COVID at this time even involving milk test!

2021 – Moved from QMF herd to the new homestead! Had to manually combine the data from the CDCB website data, hopefully I did it right.

2022 – Another single. :/

2023 – Open… and fat. A very easy keeper with a history of some singles isn’t helpful.



3/21/15  – 1D  – Sold – Caprice Acres Adelise (now owned by Hooligans farm – click link to see her at bottom of page!)
3/8/16 – 1B 1D  – Sired AI by Tempo Aquila Danziger – Caprice Acres Danziger Tertia was originally sold, but was purchased back in 2019! Her buckling was wethered after he turned chocolate sundgau (togg marked) which is a show fault. We opted to wether instead of sell despite having large white spots on his sides.
3/17/17 – 1B 1D – Retained doeling – Caprice Acres Irish Red; Buckling survived about a day and a half, progressively lost appetite and had a distended appetite. Discovered a complete atresia between ileum and jejunum on necropsy. Elise freshened BEAUTIFULLY and PRODUCTIVE. 
3/17/18 – 2 D – Elise had a very slow labor despite normal presentation kids. She had a pyometra/metritis at time of kidding, unfortunately, likely causing abnormal labor. Systemically fairly normal, she produced near to no colostrum and her milk production started out low. Thankfully, she has come into milk beautifully. The kids were totally normal, as well. Both were initially sold but bought back in 2019 as dry yearlings, very small for their size. One doe kid tested CAE positive while in isolation and was sent to auction (Caprice Acres Lucy), which she must have acquired in the herd she was raised in. 🙁 The other remained negative through isolation and has 2 neg tests for all diseases and was gifted to the QMF herd – Caprice Acres Isabella (Izzy).
2019 OPEN – During 2018/2019 breeding season, she was continually in heat and did not respond to GnRH, CIDR treatments in the least. Unsure how this relates to her odd kidding and onset of lactation in 2018… But, she took a year off. 😉
2020 – Kidded 2/22/20 with buck/doe twins. Caprice Acres PGM Psyche is chamoisee with brown and cream trim and wattles – looks just like her dam. She is retained. Buck kid solid chocolate, now named Caprice Acres Dark Roast, and was sold. I did have him collected prior to selling, small amounts of semen are available
2021 – Kidded 2/22/21 with a single doeling, sired AI by CH La Sierra Wahoo. Unfortunately she had an extra teat and was sent to auction unregistered.
1/24/22 – Single polled, lightly marked two tone chamoise buck kid sired by CH La Sierra Wahoo *B (POLLED). Sold to a good friend of mine, with semen return clause. 😉 Registered as Caprice Acres Wahoo Jubilant, A/B casein.
2023 – Open and extremely fat. (Has been since her LAST open year plus two years of singles? Ugh). She is very upset she gets no grain and doesn’t know I might have to send her to fat camp this year while dry…

2023/2024 Breeding Plans

Live: Pleasant-Grove RR Mathias +B *ELITE* EX91 Confirmed pregnant due mid-march 2024! Est 2 on ultrasound

5/24/18, ~2mon in milk

June 2018

Daughter, Caprice Acres Irish Red (left); Dam, Caprice Acres Elise (right).
Dam and daughter. Caprice Acres Elise (Dam, right), Caprice acres Danziger Tertia (daughter, Left). Tertia is a BIG girl and does not fit on these milking stands well, hence the haunch. 🙂
Dam and daughter. Elise on Left, Psyche (FF) on Right